is an online giving platform designed specifically for quick and easy school fundraising campaigns. Online giving empowers donors to give in seconds–anytime, anywhere, whether they are on a PC, smartphone, or tablet. These days, more than half of all people who donate to a nonprofit do so from a mobile device.

By stripping everything unnecessary out of the school fundraising process, we’re able to make it fast and simple, and deliver the highest profits of any other school fundraising program. (Learn more about why we created

If you are a PTO member, parent, coach, teacher or principal, you can have your campaign up and running, and start attracting donors, in just two easy steps which require about 15 minutes or less.

Sitting at computerStep 1 – Complete the campaign submission form. The campaign submission form includes your contact information, your school information, and a title and description of your fundraising campaign. (You may want to write the description of your campaign in advance. Here is a sample we like. You can see all our current campaigns here.)

Once we receive your completed campaign submission form, we will build your campaign, usually within 24 hours, and send you the link along with email text for you to send to your list of fundraisers.

laptop icon Step 2 – Send an email to your potential donors and fundraisers. All you need to do is forward the email we send you to your list of potential donors and fundraisers: parents, PTO members, and school faculty and staff. They will be able to easily donate online or from any mobile device, as well as share your campaign via email as well as their social media channels in just one click!

Step 3 – Collect your money. CheckUpon the completion of your campaign, we will send you one check for the money you earned on You will no longer have to manage individual donations made by checks and cash.

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Benefits of

– A fast and easy process for the person managing the fundraising campaign
– The highest profit of any other school fundraiser delivered to schools
– Ability to make and accept donations online or on any mobile device
– No more cash donations or paper checks to manage
– No forms to fill out or merchandise to distribute is school fundraising made simple.

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